Retiring Early Always Looks Good

Retiring early always looks good: Hotel Catalonia - Cancun, Mexico

Retiring early always looks good, especially more so when you’re relaxed and vacationing in a foreign country. You pack up your suit-case, leave everything behind and you, well, just forget … about everything!

This time it was seven sun-filled days in beautiful Puerto Aventuras, near Cancun, Mexico at the Hotel Catalonia (Riviera Maya & Yucatan Beach) enjoying a luxurious privileged two-room suite … a great paradise getaway where you are oblivious to all time, the slower pace and no work … NO WORK?

Wow … sounds great, doesn’t it?


Retiring early always looks good: Hotel Catalonia - Cancun, Mexico

”Soul mates Peter & Sharon”

But, is it a possible opportunity for you to really retire early and to choose whether you want to work, or not?

For many marketing entrepreneurs it has, indeed, become a possible opportunity to retire early in life and to live anywhere they choose. As a matter of fact, many marketing entrepreneurs, some call themselves virtual assistants, have retired early in their life and are already living the retirement lifestyle … choosing whether to work, or not.

Today, with the internet and wi-fi being everywhere, if you choose to be on a working vacation then you quite simply just grab your laptop and your on your way. Worldwide cash from milking your customer list can be flowing into your Paypal account or bank account 24/7 … allowing you to live the good life … retiring early, perhaps by noon, then enjoying the rest of the day off … snorkeling, drinking pina colada’s, relaxing on the beach … your choice!

Personally, I choose not to work while on vacation.

For me, there are too many enjoyable distractions to pursue (like those just mentioned).

My preference is, I love to work from home at home (in my home town of Hamilton, Ontario).

A memorable vacation for me, by the way, is an adventurous day on a fishing boat deep sea marlin fishing … now, that’s a story to talk about!

Paradise is enjoyable but, reality is the real thing!

Retiring early always looks good but, I like to be back where my roots are, being in the comfort of my home doing business-as-usual.

I love what I do.

Retiring early might be something you are looking for.

As for me, retiring early is an option … but, not just yet!

What’s YOUR opinion on retiring early? I’d like to hear from you. Share your comments below

In the meantime, I thought I’d share these photos with you (enjoy)



The opportunity of retiring early in life.

”Absolutely captivating!”



White-nosed coati roaming free in Cancun, Mexico

”A friendly visitor at our balcony door.”



Walkway to Paradise

”Walkway to Paradise”


Yours For Great Success – Every Day!

”The Methodical Marketing Man!”

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What are your thoughts on today’s post? Are YOU ready to retire early? I’d love to hear from you …

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