Initiating a Quality Customer Service Methodology

Initiating a quality customer service methodology specifically designed for your business is the first step in creating and developing long-term relationships with your customers.

In other words, the rhetorical question here is …

”How Do YOU Give YOUR Customers Better Customer Service?”

How do YOU go about doing this?

Firstly, to initiate a quality customer service methodology (for your business) so YOU can give your customers better service, you must first understand the underlying reasons why¬† customers (in the first place) are bitching and complaining about your products and services. (Are you getting what I’m saying??)

We, namely YOU, are now working back-ass-wards so you will get the optimum quality customer service methodology that you are striving for … for you and for your business.

And, I am going to help you achieve this, right now.

But, before we go any further, your priority now is to act on the following headline CNN Money Magazine article … to determine exactly which category your business fits in … then begin to initiate (on paper) your quality customer service methodology from the customer complaints emphasized therein.

>>> Top 10 Consumer Complaints In 2012



>>> ”Talking Nasty OR Being Nice? Who Wins?” The unrivalled answer in this eye-opening video …


Why Customers Choose YOU!

Ever wonder why your customers choose to do business with YOU?

People (a.k.a. your customers) for the most part want …

  • Personal attention – to their needs. You must ensure their needs are satisfied.
  • Treated with respect – the power of word of mouth can be your greatest asset. A satisfied customer will tell their friends about the great experience they had with you. In today’s social media world, your customers can make you (rich!) or, they can break you … in an instant!
  • To do business with you – every business is built on REPEAT BUSINESS. Depending on the nature of your business, you want your customers to come back daily, weekly, monthly and/or year after year (as in the case of a vacation resort).
  • Quick and Friendly service – talking nasty or being nice? Who Wins? (Be sure to watch the above eye-opening video).
  • Give them something to remember you by – WOW them … simply! ”Hey, honey, Joe at the pizzeria gave us a family size bottle of Root Beer FREE with our meal!” … or ”Peter’s FREE business promotion report rocks with information!”

Getting Your Quality Customer Service Methodology On Paper!

For example, let’s say you own a retail store. If you recall from ”The Top 10 Consumer Complaint” list above, this places your business in the 4rth category of consumer complaints.

You will use this list as your starting point to creating your quality customer service methodology. Remember, you are working back-ass-wards, here!

No. 4 Retail Sales: Some of the top complaints when it came to retail sales included false advertising, fraud, defective merchandise, rebate issues, coupons, gift cards and gift certificates. In the report, the CFA also said there was a swell of complaints that businesses had refused to honor promotional gift certificates, or that their terms weren’t clear.”

So, for the false advertising complaint, you would think of ways how you could avoid all the negative issues regarding this complaint. First off, and most important, always tell the truth in any advertising you do. Back up your advertising with actual customer testimonials, newspaper publicity articles and product videos. Do these simple things and you’ll never have a complaint from a customer who says, ”You are lying!”

With the fraud complaint, again, always tell the truth. If you make a statement, back it up with real facts. Customer testimonials, real sales figures, actual photos of crowds of people in your business. All of these factors make your customers more comfortable in doing business with you.

With the defective merchandise complaint, ensure you see first hand where your merchandise is coming from (ie; the source). Are your products coming from a foreign source or a local source? Inspect, taste, and feel the quality of your products. Create short videos showing how your products are made … where your product is coming from. Get hands-on experience with your products (your wife, children, friends, employees and customers can give you great input on the products you intend to sell). Mention this issue in your advertising … ”tested and proven by our customers!” If a customer purchases a defective product always have your guarantees in place (shout it out!)”money-back guaranteed if not 100% satisfied – No questions asked!”

With the rebate issues, coupons, gift cards and gift certificates complaint, ensure you honor every rebate, coupon, gift card and gift certificate that comes in your store without any hassle of any kind! Most all gift cards today have a no expiration policy ineffect. Having this store policy in effect will save you tons of time and your customers will love you for your ”No hassle, be happy, policy!”

By answering all of the issues above and any other issues you can think of that will affect your business and writing these issues down – on paper – so that you, your wife, children, friends, employees and customers can see in front of you will ensure that you have the most optimum, quality customer service methodology in place for your business.

This proven customer service methodology will not only guarantee your future success but, it will keep your customers happy and it will keep your customers coming back to buy from you for many years to come!

Yours For Great Success – Every Day!

”The Methodical Marketing Man!”

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